Project release

Everything Will Be Fine, an outdoor exhibition by Tactical Tech

The outdoor exhibition by Tactical Tech, co-produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, explores through the lens of technology how people get informed, make decisions and respond to current global crises like climate change, pandemics or political polarisation.

[Job opportunity] Grants and Fundraising Coordinator

We are looking for an engaged Grants and Fundraising Coordinator with strong organisational and interpersonal skills, committed to a non-profit cause to coordinate grant management, ensuring adherence to contracted work plans and log-frames across grants.

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Annual Report 2021: Building a sustainable digital future

In 2021, Tactical Tech worked to empower organisations worldwide to build a sustainable digital future. The main focuses of our projects and initiatives were changing the conversation, expanding knowledge, advancing skills, and reaching new audiences. This report highlights the key results of 2021.

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The Data Detox Kit

[Open Partnerships Call] Data Detox Kit

We are looking for partner individuals, organisations, or collectives in Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) to collaborate with the worldwide-renowned Data Detox Kit.

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