Tactical Tech is a registered Dutch Stichting, an international non-profit organisation with an office in Berlin, Germany.

RSIN (legal entities & Partnerships Identification Number): 8123 31 606

Tactical Tech's ANBI Certification from the Netherlands Tax Authorities (an English translation can be found here) and the ANBI standard form for publication.


Tactical Tech

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Tactical Tech is governed by the Supervisory Board. As a registered Dutch Stichting, the organisation has a two-tier system in line with Dutch law. This is composed of a Supervisory Board and a Management Board. Members of both boards form the Executive Committee that meets regularly to review the running of the organisation.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising the general course of affairs of the organisation and for advising the Management Board. The Supervisory Board is unpaid. There is a Chair and a Treasurer position.

Their tasks include:

- Oversight of the performance, health and effectiveness of the organisation.

- Approval of the strategy, the annual audit, accounts and budgets.

- Appointing, suspending and dismissing members of the Supervisory Board, the Managing Board and the Executive Director.

- Assessing the performance, and determining the remuneration and other employment conditions of the Executive Director.

The Supervisory Board consists of at least five and at most seven members. New members are recruited via open call, and current members can be seen here.

Management Board

The Management Board comprises of two members, who are currently the founders of the organisation, Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski. This is an unpaid position that reports to the Supervisory Board and is responsible for giving members of the Supervisory board the information they need to conduct their roles.

The day-to-day running of the organisation is delegated to the Executive Director, who is supported by an Executive Team. This team manages the core functions of the organisation, including Finance, HR and Program Activities.

Payment Policy

Board members do not receive financial remuneration for their work as members of the Tactical Tech board, apart from relevant expenses.

Salaries of staff members, including the directors, are calculated at a competitive rate for international NGOs and are scaled according to experience, qualifications, skills and responsibilities.

Past Financial and Annual Reports

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