picture of the interactive cards of the Digital Detox Kit

Data Detox Kit

Guides, materials and resources to engage people in conversation about how to improve their digital lives and how they can take control of their privacy, security, and wellbeing.
It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to reducing your data trail, becoming more digitally secure, or building a more confident relationship with technology. As our devices become more intertwined with our personal lives, it helps to find a balance.
The Data Detox Kit is a simple, accessible toolkit that walks you through the steps, you can take towards a more in-control online self. It takes a holistic approach, going through the different aspects of your digital life, from the amount of time you spend on your phone, to the apps that you use, to the passwords you set.
The Data Detox Kit is used by organisations around the world to promote conversations around digital privacy, security, wellbeing and how to tackle misinformation.

Assets, resources and materials you can discover, use and adapt:

  • Over 30 practical guides
  • Workshop outlines for educators and facilitators
  • An alternative App Centre
  • A Download Centre with printable versions
  • A Partnerships Showcase page where you can get inspired

The Data Detox Kit is interesting for:

  • Civil society organisations & rights groups
  • Educators, facilitators, schools & universities
  • Librarians, museums, community and cultural centres
  • Other organisations and individuals who want to promote digital and media literacy