Media Literacy Case for Educators: empowering educators to lead media literacy initiatives in Europe

The "Media Literacy Case for Educators" project provides teachers, trainers and librarians across Europe with a one-of-a-kind comprehensive set of co-developed and creative tools, resources, methods and materials.
The Data Detox Kit

Exposing Internet Scam Operations

In the past several years, internet-enabled scams have become more insidious. As technology advances and skills and resources are becoming more readily available, scammers are able to create more believable and difficult to detect websites, emails, social media profiles, and other tools to help them carry out their schemes. In this article, we will expose internet scam operations by exploring types of scams that you are likely to come across which will hopefully build your resiliency.

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Adventures in Mapping Digital Empires

For years, Tactical Tech has worked to understand and visualise Big Tech's impact on society. In this piece, you will be taken on a journey through the different formats, narratives and visual representations Tactical Tech has used to tell the story behind the acquisitions, mergers and investments of the Big Tech Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. Read to learn about our provocation design approach to promote digital thinking.

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