Unboxing Tech Toolkit

2 minutes read | First published: December 14, 2021

The Unboxing Tech toolkit is a guide to understanding your smartphone better. The smartphone was invented only 30 years ago, and today it impacts almost all parts of our life. It has transformed how we connect, work, make friends, entertain ourselves, and how we sleep and eat.

Designed with and for young people, this toolkit offers playful and interactive activities to understand how 'dark patterns' can tune our behavior, emotions, and attention. Most importantly, the toolkit offers simple ways for you to regain control.

Download the toolkit.

The toolkit was designed and created by Pranava Institute in partnership with Tactical Tech. Pranava Institute is an India-based institute working at the intersection of emerging technology, policy, and society through emic approaches to shape sustainable technological futures.

About the creators: TITIKSHA VASHIST is a consultant and researcher on technology policy in India, SHYAM KRISHNAKUMAR is a technology policy consultant and researcher whose work engages with emerging technology in the Indian context. Athira K Das is a new media designer with a focus on user interface and experience design. The toolkit was conducted with 30 young participants from cities across India including Gurugram, Ahmedabad, Darjeeling, Sahibabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Delhi, Chennai, and Mangalore.

This project was made possible thanks to funding from SIDA.