Yusuf Ganyana: empowering young people to be agents of digital transformations in Kenya

2 minutes read | First published: October 27, 2023
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Digital Privacy
Meet Rita, a high school student that embarked on a journey with other young local leaders who attended a Training of Trainers (ToTs) on Digital Privacy. This space equipped them with knowledge and tools to become agents of change within their communities. Inspired, Rita decided to spread awareness among her peers and organized a digital safety campaign that empowered her peers to embrace responsible digital behaviours.
Rita is only one of the hundreds of young people who have participated in the educational events organised by Yusuf Ganyana, a digital and media literacy trainer and facilitator and an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) officer of the Kenyan National Library Service. His mission is to raise awareness among Kenyan youth about the transformative power of technology and their digital rights. Since 2020, Yusuf has utilised, adopted and created new educational material using the Data Detox Kit, What the Future Wants, Digital You and the Digital Enquirer Kit initiatives.
Yusuf organised talks and workshops on digital privacy and hosted the exhibition "What The Future Wants" in libraries and schools. Through these events, Yusuf reached over 320 young students.
  • Events hosted at Thika Library
    Pictures by Yusuf Ganyana. Events hosted at Thika Library
  • Kids filling out the Data Detox x Youth workbook in a 2022 workshop in Kenya
    Kids filling out the Data Detox x Youth workbook in a 2022 workshop in Kenya
But he didn't stop there. Recognising the importance of sustainability, Yusuf identified six young local trainers of trainers (ToTs) who became digital and media literacy advocates in their communities through a comprehensive training program.
Tactical Tech's partnership had a transformative effect in our audience engagement by incorporating interactive resources, that increase the effectiveness of our workshops'.Yusuf Ganyana
Through this collaboration, Yusuf contributes to young people like Rita becoming digital change-makers and leaders.
Together, we significantly foster digital literacy, privacy protection, and responsible digital citizenshipYusuf Ganyana
Final report by Yusuf Ganyana