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Media Literacy Case for Educators: empowering educators to lead media literacy initiatives in Europe

The project provides teachers, trainers and librarians across Europe with a one-of-a-kind comprehensive set of co-developed and creative tools, resources, methods and materials.

Educators worldwide are leading the charge in spreading awareness about the benefits and potential risks of digital technologies. From schools to libraries to cultural centers, educators are equipping students of all ages with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the digital landscape with ease. By teaching them how technology shapes their lives, educators empower the next generation to be critical thinkers who can confidently tackle challenges in their digital environment.

Precisely, in times when the quantity of Information is overwhelming, and misinformation spread is intensifying social tensions and increasing polarisation, digital and media literacy is crucial. Here is where the Media Literacy Case for Educators comes to life.   European Schoolnet,  International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA),  Save the Children (Italy), and Tactical Tech joined forces to develop effective, creative, awareness-raising educational interventions and resources such as the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that inform students and engage them in conversations about how to take proactive action.

The initiative, co-funded by the European Union, champions educators, schools, libraries, education, youth and cultural centres across Europe. These local actors and protagonists work with their communities to adapt and translate the Media Literacy Case for Educators in a way that responds to the needs and cultural particularities, creating impactful solutions at the local level.

Together with our partners, we embark on the project with the participation of over 30 European Ministries of Education, 25 insafe centres,  25 libraries in Europe and 10 organisations working with youth.

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Meet the Partners:

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Meet our local partners working with Youth

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European Schoolnet (EUN)

European Schoolnet is a network of 34 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a not-for-profit organisation, it aims to bring innovation in teaching and learning to its key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners. Since its founding in 1997, European Schoolnet (EUN) has used its links with education ministries to help schools become effective in the pedagogical use of technology, equipping both teachers and pupils with the necessary skills to achieve in the digital society. In particular, it pledges to: support schools in achieving effective use of ICT in teaching and learning, improve and raise the quality of education in Europe, and promote the European dimension in education.

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)

IFLA is the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is the global organisation for libraries of all sorts. With a mission to inspire, engage, enable and connect the global library field, it works as a platform for professionals from around the world to come together to exchange ideas and experiences and develop guidelines and standards to support the provision of excellent library services to all. It is also strongly engaged in work to build advocacy for libraries at all levels, in order to enable them to fulfil their potential to support inclusive sustainable development.

Save the Children Italy (STC)

Save the Children - Since over 100 years, fighting to save children at risk and guarantee them a future. We work every day with passion, determination and professionalism in Italy and around the world to give children the opportunity to be born and grow up healthy, to receive an education and to be protected. In 2014 Save the Children launched “Enlighten the Future”, a campaign to combat educational poverty in Italy through the opening of 26 Punti Luce - "high-density educational centers" -   in the most deprived areas of the country. These area places where children and adolescents can participate to free educational, recreational and cultural activities, discover their talents and cultivate them for their future.

Tactical Tech

Today more than ever, we need to reflect critically on our relationship with technology. How do digital technologies impact the way we get informed and make decisions? How can we as a society face the 'side-effects' of an increasingly data-driven world? At Tactical Tech, a Berlin-based non-profit organisation, we design and co-develop playful and forward-looking experiences, interventions, events and educational resources that invite people to think about how technology influences their lives and changes the world they live in. Since 2013, we have joined forces with a global network of partners and civil society organisations, collaborating at the intersection of technology, research, design and art on projects that promote conversations and encourage proactive solutions.

Our local and national partners working with youth: