The 2023 Proton Lifetime Charity Fundraiser donation received by Tactical Tech will support projects which positively impact communities worldwide

2 minutes read | First published: February 26, 2024
Visual Proton Lifetime Charity Fundraiser donation
Tactical Tech has received a donation of $70,000 through the Lifetime Charity Fundraiser organised by the secure and encrypted email service Proton Mail. The donation will directly support Tactical Tech in its efforts to help communities navigate and respond to the challenges exacerbated by digital technologies, such as climate change, social polarisation, economic crises, conflicts, and threats to democracies.
“We are honoured to have been selected by the 2023 Proton Lifetime Charity Fundraiser and the Proton community in recognition of the 20 years of collaborative work of Tactical Tech’s team and our hundreds of partners worldwide. With this invaluable support from the Proton community, we will continue to work with citizens and civil society organisations  to develop creative and collaborative resources and interventions that foster conversations about the impact of technology while promoting sound solutions.”  Marek Tuszynski, Executive Director and co-founder of Tactical Tech. 
Tactical Tech is one of the ten beneficiaries of the 2023 Proton Lifetime Charity Fundraiser that supports organisations that “have a positive impact on privacy, freedom, and human rights around the world”. The 6th edition of the annual Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser “brought in over half a million dollars that will help defend privacy and freedom around the globe”. Proton is contributing an additional $100,000, bringing the total amount being donated to $732,000. All of the money collected went to the ten organisations selected by Proton’s community,  along with some organisations that Proton has supported in the past.
More information about the Proton Lifetime Charity Fundraiser here.

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