We are turning 20

1 minute read | First published: July 2, 2023
The collage illustration visual of the 20 year aniversary

Twenty years ago, Tactical Tech was formed with the goal of enabling communities around the world to face the challenges and changes brought by new digital technologies. This year, we celebrate two decades of innovation and co-creation with our partners, collaborators and funders. Join us in celebrating this journey by taking a look back at our last 20 years of work and looking forward to the next 20 years.

20 years in numbers: the capsule

Produced by Tactical Tech.
Today, Tactical Tech celebrates a journey of innovation and collaboration through which we have reached over 30 million people directly and indirectly. Quantifying the results and the reach of our work is a challenging task. However, these figures remind us of our long path and, more importantly, inspire us to look toward the future.
  • Picture of Tactical Tech resources from the past

    A Snapshot of 20 Years of Work

    On important anniversaries, people often take pictures to celebrate a new milestone. This is a snapshot of who we are, what is at the heart of our work, why we do what we do and how, and with whom. Summarizing 20 years seems to be an impossible task. However, we hope you enjoy this humble attempt.

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Spoiler alert!

We have exciting news! Soon, we will launch our Tactical Tech Archive, a digital collection of projects, interventions, resources, and assets that will offer the possibility to discover, explore and easily navigate through our two decades of work. Stay tuned for more information!

Our partners, collaborators and funders voices

Produced by Tactical Tech. Our partners, collaborators and funders sent these messages in the frame of the 20th anniversary.

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