The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition

1 minute read | First published: July 22, 2020

What happens when we increasingly rely on social media and the web for nearly all our information? What information do we see, and what do we miss? How do we know if a picture or a tweet is genuine or truthful? And what can we do if we can’t be sure?

The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition is a new eye-catching, self-learning installation on data and privacy. Like previous editions of The Glass Room, it consists of a series of posters, interactive apps and animations which can be hosted in public or private spaces anywhere in the world. However, it also exists as a freely-accessible virtual experience online – click here to try it out!

The Misinformation Edition, developed by Tactical Tech in collaboration with IFLA and Save the Children Italia, and co-funded by the European Union, has been translated into Italian, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Slovenian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian, with more languages coming soon. It covers topics like mis-, dis- and malinformation, addictive technology design, and the rise of deep fakes. It also features new content on misinformation from the Data Detox Kit.