Project launch

Technologies of Hope & Fear: 100 Responses to the Pandemic

'Technologies of Hope & Fear' looks at a curated selection of 100 technologies developed in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. This interactive research project allows you to explore the narratives of these pandemic products, the companies behind them - and the 'new normal' to which they aspire.
The Glass Room: Capsule 2.0
The Glass Room

The Glass Room: Capsule 2.0

The Glass Room presents Capsule 2.0, 'Nothing Personal?', our latest showcase of digital objects, both old and new. This second capsule explores how technologies are designed, branded and engineered to collect deeply personal data and influence our real-time behaviours.


Digital Enquirer Kit

The first two modules of our Digital Enquirer Kit, tackling the theme of misinformation, are now available on the free Atingi platform, with more modules and translations coming soon. Sign up now!

Exposing the Invisible

Exposing the Invisible: Podcast Series

We are excited to present Tactical Tech's first ever podcast series, from our Exposing the Invisible project, in which experienced investigators discuss what drives them and the methods they use. Listen now!


Time for Big Tech to Grow Up

Our Executive Director and co-founder Stephanie Hankey responds to Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen's testimony and argues that, when it comes to social media and young people: "it's Big Tech that needs to grow up".

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